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About Cliovana

Undoubtedly, sex is an important aspect of a woman's health and wellness, both physically and emotionally. However, for many women, it's common to experience less pleasure during sex than they'd like. Cliovana treatments at Aesthetics of Central Texas, which is located in the Caring Center for Women’s office building. in New Braunfels, TX may be able to help. Cliovana was designed for women like you in mind and helps the clitoral response. This treatment can help you notice heightened arousal and more pleasure during sex. More-so, a satisfying sexual experience can lead to emotional and physical benefits, including stress relief, more happiness, pain reduction, better immunity, and more. Cliovana works by increasing the cell regeneration process and nerve sensitivity in the vaginal area. This nonsurgical procedure is performed by applying sound waves to the clitoris and surrounding area. The downtime associated with this treatment is minimal to none, and you can return to work and daily life right after you leave our office. Even more, it is okay to engage in sexual intercourse following treatment; in fact, we encourage it! At Aesthetics of Central Texas, our excellent team of doctors suggests Cliovana to our female patients who are looking to enhance their sex life. For more information about Cliovana, reach out to our New Braunfels, TX office to schedule a consultation.

Treatment Details

Cliovana treatments involve three simple parts. First, we will use sound wave therapy to deliver sound waves to the clitoris while you lay down in one of our comfortable treatment chairs. The sound waves will promote cell regeneration, enhance blood flow, and stimulate nerve growth. Combined, this can lead to a better sexual response. We typically suggest four sessions for the best results. Typically our patients report more frequent orgasms after their treatments that increase in intensity for the next few months as their body continues to regenerate new tissues. These treatments provide long-term results that can last for a year or more, depending on how many treatments were received.

Other Considerations

If you are considering treatments at Aesthetics of Central Texas, Cliovana is a great option for increasing the sexual experience. Many of our past and present patients appreciate this noninvasive procedure as there are no probes, no burning, no needles, no lasers, no surgery, and no freezing. The sessions are quick and only last about 10 minutes, after which you can get right back to your everyday activities.

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Enhance Your Sexual Experience

While it may be embarrassing for some women to talk about, women all over the world report difficulty reaching a satisfying orgasm. You don't have to simply accept an uninspiring sex life, though. At Aesthetics of Central Texas, we offer Cliovana treatments to help enhance the sexual experience of women. With this quick, simple, and noninvasive procedure, we can help you achieve a more enjoyable sexual experience for years to come. For more information or to schedule your treatment, contact our office in New Braunfels, TX, to meet with one of our wonderful staff members.

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