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Bladder Disorders  in San Marcos, TX

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About Bladder Disorders

The bladder is an organ in the lower abdomen that is used to store urine. There are several conditions that can affect the bladder and cause problems with its functionality. Not only can a bladder disorder be uncomfortable, but it can also cause embarrassing symptoms such as urine leakage. At the Caring Center for Women, Dr. Teresa Irwin, a board-certified female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgeon, provides comprehensive care in diagnosing and treating bladder disorders for women in Central Texas.

types of Bladder Disorders

Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder is a disorder that causes the bladder to release urine at the wrong time. It can cause an uncontrollable urge to urinate and sufferers may have to go to the toilet eight or more times within a 24-hour period. This can also cause the urge to urinate during the night time, which can disrupt sleep.

Painful Bladder Syndrome

Painful bladder syndrome, also known as interstitial cystitis, causes pain in the bladder and surrounding pelvic area. It can also cause several other symptoms including an urgent or frequent need to urinate. In women, these symptoms can become escalated during menstruation. 

Bladder Infections

A bladder infection occurs when bacteria finds its way into the urethra. The infection can cause several unpleasant symptoms, such as frequent urination, cloudy or bloody urine, foul-smelling urine, fever, and pelvic pain. Women tend to be at a higher risk of getting a bladder infection than men. 

Treatment Options

Lifestyle changes

  • Losing weight (if obese) can help control bladder issues as being overweight can put unnecessary pressure on the bladder
  • Staying away from food and liquids that may stimulate or aggravate the bladder
  • No smoking
  • Getting enough exercise that is not detrimental to your bladder issues (light to moderate activity)
  • Taking medications as prescribed by your doctor
  • Avoiding medications and foods that act as diuretics or cause spasms in the bladder


  • Participating in bladder retraining, biofeedback, and physical therapy
  • Learning and performing pelvic floor muscle exercises and Kegels
  • Gentle stimulation of the nerves that control the bladder and bowel (Axonics Therapy)
  • Getting regular bulking-agent injections for overactive bladder

Pessary inserts


  • Burch or Marshall Marchetti Krantz colposuspension
  • Pubovaginal/fascial bladder neck slings
  • Mid-urethral mesh slings
  • POP surgery

We will work with you to create an effective treatment method that can help manage your symptoms. 

Other Considerations

Bladder disorders can be complicated and can also be signs of more serious conditions, such as bladder cancer. At the Caring Center for Women, we will evaluate your symptoms to determine if there is an underlying cause of your symptoms and make a referral to a specialist if necessary. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as you notice irregularities in the functioning of your bladder. 

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Bladder disorders can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and effect how you live your life. At the Caring Center for Women, we strive to diagnose bladder disorders and work to create the most effective course of treatment. Our goal is to relieve your symptoms and help manage them. To learn more, contact our New Braunfels, TX office today.

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