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Information About OBGYN and Urogynecology Services

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We are focused on your overall health at your well-woman exam that may include a pelvic exam, pap smear, breast exam, and a referral for a mammogram.

To test your cervix for HPV, precancer, or cancer, we can perform a pap smear (or pap test) to collect a sample of cells for diagnostic purposes.

The Caring Center for Women offers multiple contraception options with daily pills, or longer-term IUDs, hormone-release implants, and injections.

Our doctors provide female sterilization techniques (Essure and tubal ligation) for women who do not want children or are finished building a family.

Endometriosis is a painful condition that is caused by the growth of tissue on the outside of the uterus and can cause unpleasant symptoms.

There are several different procedure options available for the removal of painful or large fibroids that appear in or on the uterus.

When you have abnormal bleeding during your period, we can treat it with a hormone-releasing medication, an IUD, an endometrial ablation, or surgery.

Breast and ovarian cancer screenings will be discussed at your well-woman check or as recommended by your OBGYN at the Caring Center for Women.

When estrogen levels fall, we have hormone replacement therapies to assist in the management of menopause from the first stage to the last stage.

Endometrial ablation with NovaSure® is a nonsurgical solution to treat the unpleasant symptoms and side effects of endometriosis in women.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We are pleased that you have chosen CCW for prenatal care, during your pregnancy, and for the birth of your baby.

We use sonograms and ultrasounds to create images of your baby to monitor development, check for birth defects, and conditions for early intervention.

Prenatal testing is available for all expectant mothers; however, women aged 35+ with high-risk pregnancies are highly encouraged to have the testing.

When you are ready to start family planning or have been unsuccessful conceiving, our doctors recommend our fertility services for a consultation.

We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and treatment techniques for patients with a pelvic floor disorder (cystocele, rectocele, and perineocele).

Axonics Therapy is a clinically proven solution for treating symptoms of overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, and urinary retention.

When the supportive tissues in your pelvic floor become weak, the organs surrounding the pelvic area may drop (prolapse) into the vaginal canal.

Women with an acute or chronic urinary disorder may have a combination of leakage issues, such as stress, urge, overflow, and functional incontinence.

When the functionality of your bladder is compromised or disordered, our doctors can help you manage your symptoms with medicine, therapy, or surgery.

Anal sphincter problems can be expressed as chronic uncontrollable diarrhea, painful bowel movements, constipation, or gas leakage with no relief.

A hysterectomy is a common surgical procedure that removes the uterus from a woman's body because of cancer or other serious medical conditions.

Nitronox includes a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen that is delivered to the patient for more comfortable treatment options.

Tubal ligation is a long-term surgical form of birth control for women who have completed childbearing or who do not wish to become pregnant.

Depending on the severity of the vaginal canal, we offer vaginoplasty for medical purposes to women experiencing discomfort/pain from vaginal atrophy.

An enlarged vulva in the external area of the vagina can cause severe gynecological concerns, such as urinary tract infections, pain, and dyspareunia.

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